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What is the meaning of fit in Hindi?

Meaning of fit in Hindi is : स्वस्थ बनाना

Definition of word fit

  • Suitable, proper. (adjective)
    उपयुक्त, उचित।
  • A seizure or convulsion. (noun)
    दौरे या ऐंठन।
  • To suffer a fit. (verb)
    एक फिट पीड़ित करने के लिए।

Examples of word fit

  • Likewise has been accepted its law of development: _That_, _in the struggle for existence_, _the strong and fit and the progeny of the strong and fit have a better opportunity for survival than the weak and less fit and the progeny of the weak and less fit_.
  • Cathari ought not to be put to death after an ecclesiastical trial, lest the Church be compromised: "_Illud ab eo fit, cujus auctoritate fit_," he said, to justify his recommendation. [
  • Aditi Kinkhabwala of The Wall Street Journal took a closer look at recent seasons when the Giants were said to have "collapsed" and determined that the label fit only for 2010 and 2006.
  • Now everything I had left to my name fit neatly into two weathered brown suitcases, which I had to borrow, no less, from a friend across the hall, because the thieves had efficiently used my own suitcases to haul away my things.
  • The nickname fit better than the kids, or Luke himself, could know.
  • Puts new meaning into the term fit for office -- Suzanne?
  • I'm too shabby, puts new meaning into the term fit for office.
  • And also if it's bible related wouldn't the title fit more of a Revelations ordeal?
  • Tr'Annhwi was standing in the doorway wearing an expression fit to curdle milk, and the tall shape of Commander t'Radaik was right beside him.