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What is the meaning of fixings in Hindi?

Meaning of fixings in Hindi is : अन्य सामग्री

Definition of word fixings

  • All the components and accessories that normally accompany a project or event, particularly a social event. (noun)
  • Side dishes. (noun)
  • Plural form of fixing. (noun)

Examples of word fixings

  • My dad thought it would be fun to have Thanksgiving again … any reason to eat ham and the fixings is always a good reason!
  • Choosing one 500-calorie dessert or burger with all the fixings is a very different decision than mindlessly adding 100 calories here or there with mayonnaise, soft drinks, and whole-milk lattes.
  • It was time for the Vikings to put the wraps on their exciting 26-11 season, so some fried chicken with the fixings was a good way to ease into the future of the rising program.
  • HOUGHTON -- A friendly face and a hot meal with all the fixings are the most important ingredients for a happy Thanksgiving.
  • The screeners in Amsterdam (where he boarded the plane) ignored the "watch list" and didn't give him any extra "attention" (would a pat down have found the bomb "fixings" - we'll never know), as well as ignoring the paying cash for a one-way ticket purchase.


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