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What is the meaning of flautist in Hindi?

Meaning of flautist in Hindi is : बाँसुरी वादक

Definition of word flautist

  • One who plays the flute. (noun)

Examples of word flautist

  • On that tour, Kerr, a flautist, is also believed to have acquired three pieces found in the same folder as the concerto.
  • Georgie, just back from sexually harassing the German PM and a flautist, is the only man on earth who could then say – look I’m not a racist I have a Black friend.
  • It wasn't all that odd to see a costumed musician walking the Faire, but a flautist was a rarity, and the morose melodies he chose were definitely out of keeping with the "merrye spirit of Olde England" that everyone else was projecting.
  • Saying this, he drew out the little mahogany case which held his flute, and coolly took the pieces and fitted them together, before crossing his legs upon the rough seat and beginning to blow, keeping up a series of the most doleful old Scotch and Irish laments, while the oxen plodded on and the police rode by the wagon side, listening and looking in vain for any sign tending to point out the fact that the flautist was a dishonest dealer in the coveted crystals which were so hard to get, but all the same keeping a keen look-out for danger in the shape of advancing Boers.
  • We have musicians here who play for people who've just come out of surgery - a flautist goes up and plays for them and these patients, who are in tremendous pain, at the end of the playing, they are almost pain-free.


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