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What is the meaning of flavourless in Hindi?

Meaning of flavourless in Hindi is : बेस्वाद

Definition of word flavourless

  • Without flavour. (adjective)

Examples of word flavourless

  • But seriously, it’s just another example of copier fade: endless replications of the same biff-boff will result in flavourless pap that eventually nobody will want to consume, however numb their palate has become.
  • One of these, a starter listed as snails and crubeens, which should be little fritters of gooey braised pig's trotter, was a salty, sticky, unpleasant mess of chewy snails and flavourless deep-fried cubes.
  • But I am not going to pay $6 for a few flavourless raspberries.
  • Eating that wilted, flavourless lump of doughy bread was the last thing I wanted to do.
  • Take her last movie, for instance, the Cruiser-snoozer Knight And Day from odourless, flavourless hack James Mangold I'd need two columns to convey the full strength of my loathing for that man's oeuvre.


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