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What is the meaning of flay in Hindi?

Meaning of flay in Hindi is : लूटना

Definition of word flay

  • To cause to fly; put to flight; drive off (by frightening). (verb)
  • To frighten; scare; terrify. (verb)
  • To be fear-stricken. (verb)
  • A fright; a scare. (noun)
  • Fear; a source of fear; a formidable matter; a fearsome or repellent-looking individual. (noun)
  • to strip skin off (verb)
  • to lash (verb)

Examples of word flay

  • Looks like someone's cosy old granny and has a tongue that would flay a kangaroo.
  • Would Michelle flay the bannana prior to she cooking it?
  • "Merciless, cruel, and unforgiving," wrote Angela Carter a more obvious admirer in her 1982 preface to this edition: "Stead has a rare capacity to flay the reader's sensibilities."
  • And when he later threatens the recalcitrant Goneril that her sister will "with her nails flay thy wolfish visage", he brandishes his own vulpine claw in her face.
  • And they lashed me with whips that flay the skin with each stroke.


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