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What is the meaning of fleet in Hindi?

Meaning of fleet in Hindi is : शीघ्रगामी

Definition of word fleet

  • To float. (verb)
  • To pass over rapidly; to skim the surface of (verb)
  • To hasten over; to cause to pass away lightly, or in mirth and joy (verb)
  • To move up a rope, so as to haul to more advantage; especially to draw apart the blocks of a tackle. (verb)
  • To shift the position of dead-eyes when the shrouds are become too long. (verb)
  • To cause to slip down the barrel of a capstan or windlass, as a rope or chain. (verb)
  • To take the cream from; to skim. (verb)
  • Swift in motion; moving with velocity; light and quick in going from place to place; nimble; fast. (adjective)
  • Light; superficially thin; not penetrating deep, as soil. (adjective)
  • A group of vessels or vehicles. (noun)
  • A number of vessels in company, especially war vessels; also, the collective naval force of a country, etc. (noun)
  • Any command of vessels exceeding a squadron in size, or a rear-admiral's command, composed of five sail-of-the-line, with any number of smaller vessels. (noun)
  • A flood; a creek or inlet, a bay or estuary, a river subject to the tide. (noun)
  • A location, as on a navigable river, where barges are secured. (noun)

Examples of word fleet

  • If well executed _it would cause the evacuation of all these formidable fortifications_ upon which the rebels ground their hopes for success; and in the event of our fleet attacking Mobile, the presence of our troops in the northern part of Alabama _would be material aid to the fleet_.
  • The great herring fleet outside the harbor was as motionless as "a painted _fleet_ upon a painted ocean" -- the men were sleeping or smoking upon the piers -- not a foot fell upon the flagged streets, and the only murmur of sound was round the public fountains, where a few women were perched on the bowl's edge, knitting and gossiping.
  • 'To the castles about Deal, where _our_ fleet' (_our fleet_, the saucy son of a tailor!) 'lay and anchored; great was the shoot of guns from the castles, and ships, and our answers.'
  • In 1726 we find him captam of Ae Kdlau, of ieventjr guns, one of the fleet fent m thlit year, vnder iir Charles Wager, to the Bahic, atad appointed to command, with the rank of conunodofe, the third divifion of the fleet*
  • "To get at them was impossible before they anchored under such batteries as would have crippled our fleet; and, had such an event happened, _in the present state of the enemy's fleet_, Tuscany, Naples, Rome, Sicily, &c., would have fallen as fast as their ships could have sailed along the coast.


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