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What is the meaning of flexure in Hindi?

Meaning of flexure in Hindi is : वंक

Definition of word flexure

  • The act of bending or flexing; flexion. (noun)
  • A turn; a bend; a fold; a curve. (noun)
  • A curve or bend in a tubular organ. (noun)
  • The last joint, or bend, of the wing of a bird. (noun)
  • The small distortion of an astronomical instrument caused by the weight of its parts; the amount to be added or subtracted from the observed readings of the instrument to correct them for this distortion. (noun)

Examples of word flexure

  • In the study proximal colon cancers included the cecum, ascending colon, up to the point of the hepatic flexure, which is the point where the colon makes a turn to become the transverse colon.
  • The details of a manufacturing process to make an alloy that has superior strength and flexure properties (and could be used as a spring in a chip-clip) is very valuable to the public.
  • Speed, and its derivatives, acceleration and flexure, are based on measured time.
  • It is caused by the expansion of bottom crevasses and tidal flexure along grounding lines, supported by water pressure in the crevasses.
  • Flex Sig if done to the splenic flexure or about the 40 cm. levelat best may be 60 to 70% as sensitive as colonoscopy.


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