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What is the meaning of flood in Hindi?

Meaning of flood in Hindi is : सैलाब

Definition of word flood

  • A (usually disastrous) overflow of water from a lake or other body of water due to excessive rainfall or other input of water. (noun)
  • A large number or quantity of anything appearing more rapidly than can easily be dealt with. (noun)
  • A floodlight (noun)
  • To overflow. (verb)
  • To cover or partly fill as if by a flood. (verb)
  • To provide (someone or something) with a larger number or quantity of something than cannot easily be dealt with. (verb)
  • To paste numerous lines of text to a chat system in order to disrupt the conversation. (verb)

Examples of word flood

  • The latin flood is going to increase in the long run not controlled or reduced.
  • Ah, but Rathin Mullick, stop, you must not use the word flood in this house, a bad word, a disastrous word!
  • Reversing a lower court decision, the Supreme Court upheld the policy exception according to the ordinary usage of the term flood and accordingly reduced Sher's award to recovery for damage from wind, lost rent, and other losses sustained during Katrina.
  • Sher argued that the term flood was ambiguous, insofar as it might be limited to strictly "natural" events, as opposed to all instances of damage by water.
  • When you begin taking the term flood, if you try to (unintelligible) it so many ways as the insurance companies have, it's going to be ambiguous.


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