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What is the meaning of flourish in Hindi?

Meaning of flourish in Hindi is : हिलाना या घुमाना

Definition of word flourish

  • To thrive or grow well. (verb)
  • To prosper or fare well. (verb)
  • To be in a period of greatest influence. (verb)
  • To make bold, sweeping movements with. (verb)
  • A dramatic gesture such as the waving of a flag. (noun)
  • An ornamentation. (noun)
  • A ceremonious passage such as a fanfare. (noun)
  • A decorative embellishment on a building. (noun)

Examples of word flourish

  • He saw the label flourish throughout the 2000s, releasing women's and men's ready-to-wear collections as well as accessories, eyewear and two fragrances.
  • Upsets may occur, even painful misunderstandings and separations, yet the essential love remains, and might again flourish, more temperately.
  • The chief design flourish is the patterned panel on the sides of the jersey and shorts that evokes the shell of a diamondback terrapin.
  • If the striper population flourished during the years of commercial fishing then why can it not again flourish along with commercial fishing.
  • The way an authoritarian government can flourish is to create a sub-maximization: look at all the trouble that people who are trying to over-throw us are causing.


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