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What is the meaning of flush in Hindi?

Meaning of flush in Hindi is : साफ़ करना

Definition of word flush

  • smooth, even, aligned; not sticking out. (adjective)
  • wealthy or well off. (adjective)
  • Short for flush left and right; a body of text aligned with both its left and right margins. (adjective)
  • A cleansing with plenty of fluid. (noun)
  • Particularly, such a cleansing of a toilet. (noun)
  • A hand consisting of all cards with the same suit. (noun)
  • To cleanse by flooding with generous quantities of a fluid. (verb)
  • Particularly, to cleanse a toilet by introducing lots of water. (verb)
  • To become suffused with reddish color due to embarrassment, excitement, overheating, or other systemic disturbance, to blush. (verb)
  • To cause to blush. (verb)
  • To excite, inflame. (verb)
  • (Toilets only) To be cleansed by being flooded with generous quantities of water. (verb)
  • (Computer Science) To clear a buffer of its contents. (verb)
  • To cause to take flight from concealment. (verb)
  • To take suddenly to flight, especially from cover. (verb)

Examples of word flush

  • V. iv.8 (394,4) the time is flush] A bird is _flush_ when his feathers are grown, and he can leave the nest.
  • After the full house, the flush is the highest hand in the poker hands order.
  • Ranked below the flush is the straight, which consists of five cards in rank sequence but now having the same suit.
  • He said his department has also installed nine fire hydrants, or what he called flush plugs, recently.
  • We have a word flush, meaning a rush of blood to the skin.


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