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What is the meaning of fo in Hindi?

Meaning of fo in Hindi is :

Definition of word fo

  • Abbreviation of folio, page and book size (10"-12.5" x 15"-20"). (noun)

Examples of word fo

  • KepÂ’ a-lookinÂ’ fo “de charÂ’et, ” kepÂ’ “a-waitinÂ’ foÂ’ de Lawd, ”
  • Indeed the pleafure of this firrprife was fo great, that without regard to fo» many other lignal advantages it fpreada:
  • I am fo de - llghted with the hopes that mine will foon be fo* and thit we lhall foon meet, that I am in high ffpirks:: may mine enliven your's; and why fliould they be deprefled?
  • The ordinary excufe of thofe who do thus, is, that they are not appointed to teach others, that they fpeak what they think, that if one would fpeak fo exactly, he muft fay nothing at alii fo* the reft that none has any deference for their fentU ments, and To they are not rcfponfible for them.
  • I swear t'Gawd, if I ever hear Obama use the term fo 'shizzle today's lolObama'.


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