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What is the meaning of fodder in Hindi?

Meaning of fodder in Hindi is : समाचार

Definition of word fodder

  • Food for animals. (noun)
  • A weight by which lead and some other metals were formerly sold, in England, varying from 19 1/2 to 24 cwt (993 to 1222 kg).; a fodder. (noun)
  • Tracing paper. (noun)
  • Something which serves as inspiration or encouragement, especially for satire or humour. (noun)
  • To feed animals (with fodder). (verb)

Examples of word fodder

  • In the fall corn was gathered, first by topping it and the tops were then used in making what they called a fodder house, by sticking crotches in the ground and covering with stalks, often being forty rods in length, then the corn was taken off and thrown into piles, shucks all on.
  • Hay is scarcely ever used in this part of the country, but, in place of it, the inhabitants feed their cattle with what they call fodder, the leaves of the Indian corn-plant.
  • Obviously you gents don't realize that we have both summer and winter runs that you can fish for in lots of little creeks that flow directly to the ocean ... lots of log jams, underbrush and yes you can really crush em on a slinky and glo bug ... but what this fodder is about is really transplanted steelhead that have lost any inkling to their genetic strain and are a fine game fish at that.
  • I doubt they'd call it "determination to remain fodder," but there are certainly self-fulfilling negative prophecies at work.
  • Will this session be the one where we charted a definitive new course and returned to our proud roots as the Land of Lincoln - or did we squander the opportunity and thereby remain fodder for Saturday Night Live's next popular skit?


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