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What is the meaning of fogy in Hindi?

Meaning of fogy in Hindi is : पुराने विचार का व्यक्ति

Definition of word fogy

  • Alternative spelling of fogey. (noun)

Examples of word fogy

  • Then again, at least Milner is trying to be of use; he's an old-fashioned kind of fogy that way.
  • It was to Ray he promptly opened his heart, as that veteran of a dozen Indian campaigns, then drawing his fourth "fogy," came hastening out to join the commander.
  • Later i tried to charge it back up (my memory of these events is kind of fogy but i'll do the best i can to recount) it seemed like the battery wouldn't hold a charge.
  • For those of you searching for a safe reason to lambaste Twilight: New Moon without sounding like a grumpy old fogy, Asylum. com has the answer: New Moon‘s werewolves simply aren’t werewolves.
  • Most of the other critics seemed to get the movie better than old fogy Roger Ebert did.


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