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What is the meaning of folk in Hindi?

Meaning of folk in Hindi is : लोग

Definition of word folk

  • Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a land, their culture, tradition, or history. (adjective)
  • Of or pertaining to common people as opposed to ruling classes or elites. (adjective)
  • A grouping of smaller peoples or tribes as a nation. (noun)
  • The inhabitants of a region especially the native inhabitants. (noun)
  • One’s relatives especially one’s parents. (noun)
  • Folk music. (noun)
  • People in general. (noun)
  • A particular group of people. (noun)

Examples of word folk

  • At this point, what does the term "folk music" really mean?
  • ” We use the term folk varieties in support of the efforts of Third World countries and the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to have these varieties recognized as a part of the
  • Q: The term folk hero has been thrown around a bit.
  • The term folk etymology covers suggestions of the theos-deus
  • He seems genuinely surprised by this, and he offers three examples of what he calls "folk wisdom" about the crisis that lack, he notes, empirical evidence: that investors were led astray by devotion to the efficient-market hypothesis, particularly on real estate; that Wall Street pay focused on short-term trading profits rather than long-term incentives; and that investment banks boosted their leverage in the years leading up to the crisis.


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