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What is the meaning of folly in Hindi?

Meaning of folly in Hindi is : मूर्खता

Definition of word folly

  • Foolishness. (noun)
  • Thoughtless action resulting in tragic consequence. (noun)
  • A fanciful building built for purely ornamental reasons. (noun)

Examples of word folly

  • III. i.75 (201,2) [But wise-men's folly fall'n] Sir Thomas Hammer reads, _folly shewn_.
  • I. ii.23 (14,4) his valour is crushed into folly] To be _crushed into folly_, is to be _confused_ and mingled with _folly_, so as that they make one mass together.
  • And if any offer of alliance or parley of individual elders comes from home, the false spirits shut the gates of the castle and permit no one to enter, — there is a battle, and they gain the victory; and straightway making alliance with the desires, they banish modesty, which they call folly, and send temperance over the border.
  • He blamed himself for what he called the folly of the past weeks.
  • Judasa said it would do everything in its power to try and convince Health Minster Nkosazana Zuma of what it called the folly of the plan.


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