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What is the meaning of fond in Hindi?

Meaning of fond in Hindi is : स्नेही

Definition of word fond

  • Having a liking or affection (for). (adjective)
  • Affectionate. (adjective)
  • Indulgent. (adjective)
  • Outlandish; foolish; silly. (adjective)
  • The background design in lace-making. (noun)
  • To have a foolish affection for, to be fond of. (verb)

Examples of word fond

  • Alas, I have no dowry to give you, save the blessing of your dear old -- your dear fond, _fond_ father, _ (kisses her forehead) _ But only obey me in this, and Lady Fortune will smile on us all -- smile -- _smile_.
  • While I have no doubt that _au fond ... au fond_ he is a charming boy, quite charming, at present he is -- shall I say?
  • V. ii.199 (334,4) a kind of yesty collection, which carries them through and through the most fond and winnowed opinions] [W: most fann'd] This is a very happy emendation; but I know not why the critic should suppose that _fond_ was printed for _fann'd_ in consequence of any reason or reflection.
  • He has and always will remain fond of the fans in Minnesota.
  • Probably the one of which I'm most fond is the barber Floyd Bone, who first makes his appearance in chapter 2:


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