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What is the meaning of fondness in Hindi?

Meaning of fondness in Hindi is : स्नेह

Definition of word fondness

  • the quality of being fond (noun)

Examples of word fondness

  • Not but what I know ladies of a certain description often have birds, but then their fondness is all affectation and fashion; but this poor thing was all nature.
  • And when institutions in Japan announce their manga awards, my fondness is coupled with a serious spike in my covetous streak.
  • The novelist Mark Winegardner, a veteran of the retreat circuit (he calls Yaddo his "go-to colony"), looks back with a certain fondness on the pre-Internet days, though he acknowledged the "anxiety and friction" among artists as they lined up after dinner to use payphones.
  • I will say that I have a certain fondness for the idea of tossing everyone in Congress in jail on a giant RICO prosecution.
  • The nation which indulges towards another a habitual hatred or a habitual fondness is in some degree a slave.


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