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What is the meaning of force in Hindi?

Meaning of force in Hindi is : सैन्यदल

Definition of word force

  • Anything that is able to make a big change in a person or thing. (noun)
  • A physical quantity that denotes ability to push, pull, twist or accelerate a body which is measured in a unit dimensioned in mass × distance/time² (ML/T²): SI: newton (N); CGS: dyne (dyn) (noun)
  • A group that aims to attack, control, or constrain. (noun)
  • The ability to attack, control, or constrain. (noun)
  • A magic trick in which the outcome is known to the magician beforehand, especially one involving the apparent free choice of a card by another person. (noun)
  • Legal validity. (noun)
  • Either unlawful violence, as in a "forced entry", or lawful compulsion. (noun)
  • To create an out by touching a base in advance of a runner who has no base to return to while in possession of a ball which has already touched the ground. (verb)
  • A waterfall or cascade (noun)

Examples of word force

  • What we want to do is to increase the attractive force, in order to prevent this tangential motion -- to increase the _force of gravity_.
  • The dynamical force, that which produces motion, is the centripetal force, drawing the body continually from the tangential direction, toward the center; and what is termed centrifugal force is merely the resistance which the body opposes to this deflection, _precisely like any other resistance to a force_.
  • At present I will proceed to consider the second of the forces, or manifestations of force, which are developed in moving bodies -- _centrifugal force_.
  • In many cases it is desirable to force water considerably above the pump itself, as, for instance, in the fire hose; under such circumstances a type of pump is employed which has received the name of _force pump_.
  • Yet to force any of our principles upon her attention when she is in a hostile mood -- or to _force_ them, indeed, in any mood -- is to invite just this attitude.


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