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What is the meaning of forceful in Hindi?

Meaning of forceful in Hindi is : सशक्त

Definition of word forceful

  • With assertive force; powerful. (adjective)

Examples of word forceful

  • But Baris stood quietly, his expression forceful, his gaze unblinking when met by Klingon eyes.
  • For the Darwinian and Spencerian motifs are clearly not discussed either in forceful or clear terms, except as London wishes to impress his audience with the plasticity of the individual.
  • It pleaded in forceful terms for respect of the Geneva Convention rights of enemy soldiers, civilians and irregular combatants on the East Front, mustering a series of arguments that bear remarkable similarity to a memorandum sent by Colin Powell to President Bush sixty years later.
  • She had what is sometimes called a forceful personality -- unsmiling, economical in her movements, decisive in her actions.
  • The native lay flat on the bed, breathing in short, forceful gasps.