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What is the meaning of forgave in Hindi?

Meaning of forgave in Hindi is : क्षमा किया

Definition of word forgave

  • Simple past of forgive. (verb)

Examples of word forgave

  • But Martin forgave him the sneer, for he had begun to discover that
  • That's right - Chris Cornell in town, so that means everyone aged 25-40 who came of age to the music of Soundgarden and followed him to Audioslave (aka forgave him for actually forming Audioslave with Tom Morello and crew) and subsequent solo career, will be present for his brooding croons at Warehouse Live.
  • Before that law took effect, if a bank took, say, a $200,000 hit on a foreclosed home and "forgave" the debt, that forgiveness would be counted as taxable income for the former homeowner.
  • John Lennon was given something of a papal pardon in 2008 when the Vatican newspaper "forgave" his "We're more popular than Jesus" comment.
  • I do think healthcare is reason why Obama "forgave" Lieberman, because it will be a close vote (given the blue dogs) even with the majorities and one vote could be the difference.


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