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What is the meaning of forge in Hindi?

Meaning of forge in Hindi is : विकसित करना

Definition of word forge

  • Furnace or hearth where metals are heated prior to hammering them into shape. (noun)
  • Workshop in which metals are shaped by heating and hammering them. (noun)
  • To shape a metal by heating and hammering. (verb)
  • To form or create with concerted effort. (verb)
  • To create a forgery of; to make a counterfeit item of; to copy or imitate unlawfully. (verb)
  • To move forward heavily and slowly (originally as a ship); to advance gradually but steadily; to proceed towards a goal in the face of resistance or difficulty. (verb)
  • To advance, move or act with an abrupt increase in speed or energy. (verb)

Examples of word forge

  • I am now encountering what my dead mother called the forge fire of life, and I will not shun it like a coward.
  • It's more than just a "forge" - it includes infrastructure for social networking within and between communities as well, and the development team is continuing to enhance these.
  • He writes, "This is a city that fabricates, forgets, and forges its past-in both senses of 'forge'-through misrepresentation and politically motivated fictions".
  • I picture a time when a person with sheep has profound power, shearing them and spinning their fleeces, and a person who knows how to work a forge is the reason why transportation is possible, horses needing shoes and meaning business -- not just decoration or a vehicle of recreation.
  • Right across the forge was the High Seat … and there were several Dark Irons in the way.


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