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What is the meaning of forged in Hindi?

Meaning of forged in Hindi is : नकली

Definition of word forged

  • fake (as documents) (adjective)
  • Fabricated by forging or at a forge, by working hot metal (adjective)
  • Past participle of forge To force forward against opposition. (verb)

Examples of word forged

  • The label forged a balance between fostering new Spanish musicians and distributing music from independent European labels such as ECM, Hannibal, Cherry Red, Rough Trade and Factory Records whose boss
  • The atmosphere in their stadium was like a furnace of fury forged from the shipyards nearby.
  • The optimism of the 60s had dissolved: there was no more talk of a classless society or a Britain forged in the white heat of a technological revolution.
  • The bus driver rose from his throne forged from the skulls of a thousand damned commuters.
  • The metal of the gun is forged from a combination of Irish church bells, cold iron from crucifixes, blessed silver, and other mystic metals-wiki


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