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What is the meaning of forging in Hindi?

Meaning of forging in Hindi is : जाल

Definition of word forging

  • Present participle of forge. (verb)
  • A component that is forged (shaped by heating and hammering). (noun)

Examples of word forging

  • Known throughout the trucking industry as a tough bargainer, he played a key role in forging the first national freight-hauling agreement and helped make the Teamsters the largest labor union in the U.S.
  • Here are five garage-inspired bands with recent releases that succeed in forging their own sound.
  • My very best wishes for your success in forging partnerships with industry that will become an important pillar of the success of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • But there are sticking points in forging a deal that would allow Kurmanbek Bakiev to leave the central Asian country, engulfed by instability after fiery and deadly demonstrations raged in the capital of Bishkek last week.
  • We're working to encourage the U.S. to take a leadership role in forging this global consensus and global strategy before it's too late.


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