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What is the meaning of forgiving in Hindi?

Meaning of forgiving in Hindi is : दयालु

Definition of word forgiving

  • Inclined to forgive. (adjective)
  • Present participle of forgive. (verb)

Examples of word forgiving

    • And again, I know how much the families of the victims are hurting, and rightfully, but Christ himself said there is no grace in forgiving your friends, but grace lies in forgiving your enemies.
    • The airplane is as easy to fly today as it was back then, maybe actually easier, because now it has aerodynamic features that make it more forgiving from the standpoint of taking off and landing.
    • I do believe in forgiving but I also believe in removing that person from the role in which he or she has abused.
    • I know he had a reason for ... doing what he did but I can't see Kaylin forgiving him any time soon, even if she understands his reasons for doing so.
    • I hate to say this because forgiving is a part of being a christian but this brother made it impossible.


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