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What is the meaning of fork in Hindi?

Meaning of fork in Hindi is : शाखायुक्त होना

Definition of word fork

  • A pronged tool having a long straight handle, used for digging, lifting, throwing etc. (noun)
  • A gallows. (noun)
  • A utensil with spikes used to put solid food into the mouth, or to hold food down while cutting. (noun)
  • A tuning fork. (noun)
  • An intersection in a road or path where one road is split into two. (noun)
  • A point where a waterway, such as a river, splits and goes two (or more) different directions. (noun)
  • Used in the names of some river tributaries, e.g. West Fork White River and East Fork White River, joining together to form the White River of Indiana (noun)
  • A point in time where one has to make a decision between two life paths. (noun)
  • The simultaneous attack of two adversary pieces with one single attacking piece (especially a knight). (noun)
  • A splitting-up of an existing process into itself and a child process executing parts of the same program. (noun)
  • An event where development of some free software or open-source software is split into two or more separate projects. (noun)
  • Crotch. (noun)
  • A forklift. (noun)
  • The individual blades of a forklift. (noun)
  • In a bicycle, the portion holding the front wheel, allowing the rider to steer and balance. (noun)
  • To move with a fork (as hay or food). (verb)
  • To spawn a new child process in some sense duplicating the existing process. (verb)
  • To split a (software) project into several projects. (verb)
  • To kick someone in the crotch. (verb)

Examples of word fork

  • I had nothing against his name, but this one was mine, and it stood for me, as firmly as the word fork stood for the thing I was holding in my hand.
  • Clearly you haven't the faintest idea when it comes to open source software development, even your understanding of the term fork is fundamentally flawed.
  • “A fork is the only utensil that may be used to eat spaghetti while anyone is looking.”
  • The only places worth fishing around Missoula are Rock Creek and the main fork of the Bitterroot!!!
  • The fork is also important, as it affects pedaling out of corners, which is relevant to our sprinting.


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