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What is the meaning of formal in Hindi?

Meaning of formal in Hindi is : सुव्यवस्थित

Definition of word formal

  • being in accord with established forms (adjective)
  • official (adjective)
  • relating to the form or structure of something (adjective)
  • ceremonial (adjective)
  • organized; well-structured and planned (adjective)
  • formalin (noun)
  • an evening gown (noun)
  • an event with a formal dress code (noun)

Examples of word formal

  • As a formal theory (in Husserl's sense of Ëœformalâ„¢, i.e., as opposed to Ëœmaterialâ„¢) mereology is simply an attempt to lay down the general principles underlying the relationships between an entity and its constituent parts, whatever the nature of the entity, just as set theory is an attempt to lay down the principles underlying the relationships between a set and its members.
  • In this book, the term formal thought disorder is used to refer to the aphasialike utterances of patients.
  • But so keen for symmetry, for all the term formal beauty implies, is Chopin, that seldom does his morbidity madden, his voluptuousness poison.
  • Well, with China, we have a, what we call formal bilaterals, which is just I sit down with the Chinese Foreign Minister, there are officials there, there are note takers and record keepers; it's a formal meeting.
  • This claim is anachronistic in that it presupposes Aristotle's own novel view that a complete explanation must encompass four factors: what he called the formal, material, efficient, and final causes.


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