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What is the meaning of forseeable in Hindi?

Meaning of forseeable in Hindi is :

Definition of word forseeable

  • Common misspelling of foreseeable. (adjective)

Examples of word forseeable

  • Adam B. USe of the term forseeable is absolutely standard when applying the principle of double-effect - central to area of moral philosophy in relation to war etc.
  • Well seems you could in forseeable future sell your baby for cca.
  • Maybe someday after we're all safely dead someone will eek out a living in orbit, but beyond that I think it's going to be the realm of governments for the forseeable future.
  • A federalism amendment drafted in general terms, like the one proposed in the WSJ article, is very unlikely to pass in forseeable future.
  • Of course you seem to be positing as an alternative the fantasy world of a type of libertarian government that has never actually existed and has no plausible chance of existing in the forseeable future.


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