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What is the meaning of fort in Hindi?

Meaning of fort in Hindi is : दुर्ग

Definition of word fort

  • A fortified defensive structure stationed with troops (noun)
  • Any permanent army post (noun)

Examples of word fort

    • Olo means _fort_ and Senga a _parrot_, and hence the island was called Olosenga -- the fort or refuge of parrots.
    • September 8, 10 A.M., the marchers advance through the woods on Johnson's fort, when suddenly they learn that their scout has lied, -- _Johnson himself is still at the fort_.
    • At the same time, I have heard Germans quote the saying -- "_Geschiedene Leute scheiden fort und fort_," and object strongly to associate with anyone, however innocent, who had been connected with a matrimonial scandal.
    • "_Geschiedene Leute scheiden fort und fort_": divorced people sever forever.
    • This fort is a larger version of the more common and much smaller fortified compounds known as qala that characterize the rural zones of eastern and southern Afghanistan and the wider region.


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