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What is the meaning of forthrightness in Hindi?

Meaning of forthrightness in Hindi is : स्पष्टवादिता

Definition of word forthrightness

  • The characteristic or quality of being forthright (noun)

Examples of word forthrightness

  • I applaud Walters for talking about the issue, because given the closed-off generation in which she grew up and the other conflicts going on in her family (her father's financial problems that sent them from wealthy into a working class existence), I think her forthrightness is important.
  • However, there are times, like today, when my reward for my incredible dedication and forthrightness is the joy spelled out on the faces of our most special treasures: Our children.
  • I mean, anyone who was ever a child and who’s ever written a letter to Santa proclaiming to have been a Very Good Boy (slash Girl) This Year might know that total forthrightness is far overrated. scatterbrain
  • Our forthrightness was the right thing to do, and transparency, I am convinced, will ultimately result in a higher level of trust in the quality and the safety of VA's services.
  • It also touches on his honesty and "forthrightness" (is that a word or something I snagged from the Bush dictionary?)


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