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What is the meaning of fount in Hindi?

Meaning of fount in Hindi is : स्रोत

Definition of word fount

  • something from which water flows (noun)
  • a device from which poultry may drink (noun)
  • that from which something flows or proceeds (noun)
  • A typographic font. (noun)

Examples of word fount

  • There are three very old images, one at the front, and two on the side; the baptismal fount is surrounded by turned wood, and the choral section has a 20th Century organ.
  • I have no helper76 but my tears that ever flow in fount,
  • The rite of my infancy was performed as became a soldier's son; my fount was my father's helmet, and the first pap I sucked lay on the point of his sword.
  • Of the Devanagari character we have also cast an entire new fount, which is esteemed the most beautiful of the kind in India.
  • Holytaco is 4chan Lite (also known as a fount of puerile, sexist low-brow humor), but this is one of the few gems I've ever seen come out of it.


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