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What is the meaning of fragrance in Hindi?

Meaning of fragrance in Hindi is : सौंधाहट

Definition of word fragrance

  • A pleasant smell or odour. (noun)

Examples of word fragrance

  • And now, we are blooming, and the fragrance is as bittersweet as a forest flower should be.
  • "If they're using the word fragrance, that company could be hiding up to 600 chemicals under that word," said Anderson, who advocates for safer cosmetic regulations.
  • The President of the French Representative Council of Black Associations has met with Reverend Al Sharpton after Jean-Paul Guerlain, the former perfumer for the Guerlain fragrance house, used a racial epithet on television, WWD reports.
  • FYI — its fragrance is reminiscent of a decomposing animal, so mmmm — enjoy!
  • "Girls can attain fragrance and incorporate it into their daily lives and not spend a fortune."


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