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What is the meaning of frame in Hindi?

Meaning of frame in Hindi is : स‌ंधार

Definition of word frame

  • To strengthen; refresh; support. (verb)
  • To execute; perform. (verb)
  • To profit; avail. (verb)
  • To fit; accord. (verb)
  • To succeed in doing or trying to do something; manage. (verb)
  • To fit, as for a specific end or purpose; make suitable or comfortable; adapt; adjust. (verb)
  • To construct by fitting or uniting together various parts; fabricate by union of constituent parts. (verb)
  • To bring or put into form or order; adjust the parts or elements of; compose; contrive; plan; devise. (verb)
  • Of a constructed object such as a building, to put together the structural elements. (verb)
  • Of a picture such as a painting or photograph, to add a decorative border. (verb)
  • To position visually within a fixed boundary. (verb)
  • To construct in words so as to establish a context for understanding or interpretation. (verb)
  • (criminology) Conspire to incriminate falsely a presumably innocent person. (verb)
  • To wash ore with the aid of a frame. (verb)
  • To move. (verb)
  • The structural elements of a building or other constructed object. (noun)
  • The structure of a person's body. (noun)
  • A rigid, generally rectangular mounting for paper, canvas or other flexible material. (noun)
  • A piece of photographic film containing an image. (noun)
  • A context for understanding or interpretation. (noun)
  • A complete game of snooker, from break-off until all the balls (or as many as necessary to win) have been potted. (noun)
  • An independent chunk of data sent over the wires of a network. (noun)
  • A set of balls whose results are added together for scoring purposes. Usually two balls, but only one ball in the case of a strike, and three balls in the case of a strike or a spare in the last frame of a game. (noun)
  • The outer decorated portion of a stamp's image, often repeated on several issues although the inner picture may change. (noun)
  • A division of time on a multimedia timeline, such as 1/30th of a second. (noun)
  • An individually scrollable region of a webpage. (noun)
  • An inning (noun)

Examples of word frame

  • The menu shows the title frame with more room on all four sides, indicating that Mill Creek could have done better.
  • Hendon have pushed themselves back into the title frame as a result of an improved run of form which sees them now unbeaten in three games � with their last defeat being a 3-1 loss against Lions A. David Garbacz�s side can make a real statement of intent by bringing the Lions� superb run to an end � and that�s what it would be.
  • Jamie Holmes and Stewart Jones ensured that Cammell Laird Reserves stayed well in the title frame as they romped to a 5-0 triumph over Blacon YC.
  • Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka to put himself back in the title frame with Jenson Button eighth behind Brawn team-mate and other title
  • Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka to put himself back in the title frame with Jenson Button eighth behind Brawn team-mate and other title JAPANESE GRAND PRIX�: SEBASTIAN VETTEL launched himself back into the


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