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What is the meaning of franchising in Hindi?

Meaning of franchising in Hindi is :

Definition of word franchising

  • Present participle of franchise. (verb)
  • The establishment, granting, or use of a franchise. (noun)

Examples of word franchising

    • Seminar will address what franchising is and its advantages and disadvantages. 6 to 8: 30 p.m.,
    • The problem with franchising is it potentially makes you a harder sell.
    • The level of dealer franchising is three times what it was earlier.
    • In this effort, the Company is catering to those many practitioners who are asking for operational support, but cannot afford it and cannot justify signing up for long-term franchising contracts.
    • But here at home, where houses of worship are already as plentiful as suburban strip centers, the same strategy of high-tech franchising is emerging, despite objections from many Christians that it’s the wrong way to reach new converts.


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