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What is the meaning of frank in Hindi?

Meaning of frank in Hindi is : स्पष्टवादी/सरल

Definition of word frank

  • honest, especially in an manner that seems slightly blunt. (adjective)
  • Free postage, a right exercised by governments (usually with definite article). (noun)
  • The notice on an envelope where a stamp would normally be found. (noun)
  • To place a frank on an envelope. (verb)
  • A hot dog or sausage. (noun)
  • the grey heron. (noun)

Examples of word frank

  • He paused and looked from Akinyi to Jamal, his expression frank and curious.
  • I am partial to the term frank n 'beans personally.
  • Pillay has held what she describes as "frank and forthright" talks on the Malaysian plan with Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.
  • Also Thursday, Allen had what he called a frank and open discussion with officials of Louisiana's coastal parishes, who are concerned that the Coast Guard and BP will pull back from the spill response once the flow of oil is stopped permanently.
  • WIAN: Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin had what he calls a frank but apparently unproductive discussion with President Bush about the dispute last week.


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