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What is the meaning of frankness in Hindi?

Meaning of frankness in Hindi is : स्पष्टवादिता

Definition of word frankness

  • The state of being frank; candour; honesty. (noun)

Examples of word frankness

  • His confession, told in frankness, with the spirit of revolt behind, had repelled her.
  • If Ms. Gillard's frankness is any indication, that's a missed opportunity to meet an ally who understands the Afghan stakes.
  • All this, in frankness, to show my first impression, after long denial of women in general and of Maud Brewster in particular.
  • For, in frankness, it is not an easy thing for someone holding public office to depart in any radical sense from what appears to be the common wisdom.
  • The shock aroused by his incidental frankness is travestied in H.C. Earwicker, who reproaches himself for indecent exposure.


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