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What is the meaning of frantic in Hindi?

Meaning of frantic in Hindi is : व्यग्र

Definition of word frantic

  • Insane, mentally unstable. (adjective)
    पागल, मानसिक रूप से अस्थिर।

Examples of word frantic

  • The word frantic has appeared in 354 New York Times articles in the past year, including on Nov. 14 in "For a Homeless Child, a Long Ride to 4th Grade" by Emily Canal:
  • Holly figured it was Mia who else would? and there she was, her expression frantic, shivering in the morning chill in just a thin light blue hoodie and jeans.
  • Learn more about the word "frantic" and see usage examples across a range of subjects on the Vocabulary.com dictionary.
  • On either side of the steamer, rows of scows received the flying cargo, and on each of these scows a sweating mob of men charged the descending slings and heaved bales and boxes about in frantic search.
  • There would be a fleeting glimpse of the three men flinging water in frantic haste, when she would topple over and fall into the yawning valley, bow down and showing her full inside length to the stern upreared almost directly above the bow.
  • But things look different inside India, where technology companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars in frantic attempts to ensure that their profit-making machine keeps producing.
  • Alpha taster shouts [in frantic Shatner-esque desperation]:
  • After 18 months of sparring between the Tories and BBC executives over the level of the licence fee, the future funding of the corporation has been hammered out in frantic negotiations in little over three days, with the broadcaster coming off decidedly second best.