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What is the meaning of fraudster in Hindi?

Meaning of fraudster in Hindi is : धोखेबाज़

Definition of word fraudster

  • a person who practices fraud; a swindler (noun)

Examples of word fraudster

  • Thanks to our wonderful European Union open borders, any rapist, armed robber, child-trafficker, drug dealer or fraudster from a member state can walk right in.
  • Rather, the entire story of the missing insurance fraudster is seemingly a red herring, an excuse to tell a story about Bellamy and his compulsive work ethic, his off-handed destructiveness toward the people in his life and his seeming cluelessness about himself.
  • After all, any money they might lose to a fraudster is money THEY have to swallow themselves.
  • As for the British memo description of Chalabi as a "fraudster" -- a reference to his 1991 conviction in absentia for bank fraud in Jordan -- Markham said his client vigorously denies the charges and has filed a lawsuit in the United States that will ultimately show "the whole thing was a sham."
  • Menashe, whom he has previously labelled a fraudster, must provide documentary evidence that his firm is not bogus.


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