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What is the meaning of free soil in Hindi?

Meaning of free soil in Hindi is :

Definition of word free soil

Examples of word free soil

  • Then he returned to his base on the freesoil planet Yakima-Two, a notorious smuggler hangout, and made his wager.
  • I'd lived in the Spur myself, on a pretty little freesoil world called Kedge-Lockaby.
  • Free, he might think of a way to blackmail the Haluk into financing a new life for him on some comfortable freesoil world.
  • A few genetic transforms, including the woman known as Dolores da Gama, eluded the dragnet and are said to be blissfully enjoying the human condition on obscure freesoil worlds.
  • Even though Phlegethon was Sheltok property, it operated as a freesoil world.
  • It was enough that K-L was a freesoil planet none of the Concerns or Starcorps cared a damn about, where nobody asked a down-and-outer nosy questions and the living was easy.
  • Its life cycle had never been studied and filed in the public database by Commonwealth exobiologists, who still scrabbled for funds to inventory the life-forms of freesoil planets in the populous Orion Arm — never mind the godforsaken Perseus boondocks.
  • Another two hundred or so are sparsely settled freesoil, former Gala outposts with exploitable commodities, potentially annexable by us.
  • The Commonwealth did its best to help the struggling freesoil human colonies, but it lacked the resources to patrol the Perseus region effectively and provide basic services.
  • My sister Eve, who was Rampart's Chief Transport and Distribution Officer, had once told me it would not have been cost-effective for the Starcorp to put in a development claim for K-L, so the little world remained freesoil.


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