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What is the meaning of freer in Hindi?

Meaning of freer in Hindi is :

Definition of word freer

  • One who frees. (noun)
  • comparative form of free: more free (adjective)

Examples of word freer

    • Liberals have looked on aghast at the Supreme Court's expansion of Constitutional rights this term freer political speech, another watershed gun case.
    • They'll make the US that much freer from the oil addiction that fuels our disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    • Over the last two decades, few industries have lobbied more ferociously or effectively than banks to get the government out of its business and to obtain freer rein for “financial innovation.”
    • In what is called our freer modern life, manners have come to count for a good deal less, which makes sheer manner count for a good deal more.
    • There is a good deal of backsliding from time to time even by countries that profess to believe in freer trade.


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