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What is the meaning of freest in Hindi?

Meaning of freest in Hindi is :

Definition of word freest

  • superlative form of free: most free. (adjective)

Examples of word freest

  • Whereupon Sayf al-Muluk rose and kissing the ground before the King, thanked him and answered, “O King of the Age, I accept all thou givest me and return it to thee in freest gift; for I, O King of the Age, covet not sovranty nor sultanate nor desire aught but that Allah the Most High bring me to my desire.”
  • Hong Kong has been called the freest economy in the world, and the accessibility and contestability of our market guard against anticompetitive behavior.
  • It is ironic that the people who think they are the freest are the most controlled people on earth.
  • Using this so called freest press in the world, the American public was lead on a leash by the right-wing activists with a not so subtle help from the neofundos ruling the roost in their great country.
  • It has seemed strange, therefore, to many readers of Mill, particularly on the Continent, that this plea for liberty, this demand for freedom for every individual to be what he is, and to develop all the germs of his nature, should have come from what is known as the freest of all countries, England.


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