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What is the meaning of frenetic in Hindi?

Meaning of frenetic in Hindi is : अत्यधिक उत्तेजित

Definition of word frenetic

  • Fast, frantic, harried, or frenzied; having extreme enthusiasm or energy. (adjective)
  • One who is frenetic. (noun)

Examples of word frenetic

    • A simple yet fun idea, but also a practical way to determine a low frequency in frenetic key searches around the house in key moments like being late for work or for an important meeting.
    • Currently, there are many retired generals appearing in frenetic fashion on television … Apart from the ethical questions involved in promoting a book or showcasing a media appearance during a time of war by offering an “inside” view unknown to others of the supposedly culpable administration of the military, what is striking is the empty nature of these controversies rehashed ad nauseam.
    • "Companies have moved beyond the short-term frenetic activity that we saw at the beginning of the year," said Andrew Goldstein, North American co-leader of executive compensation consulting at Watson Wyatt.
    • The 'self-righteous' label might have said more about him than about me, but there's a touch of truth in the 'frenetic' - because I am a firm believer that entrepreneurs have a nomadic soul.
    • Fundamentalism has developed threee internet stooges and they seem to be going in frenetic high gear — especially the first two: Mou Lartuneac, Flash Gordon — from North Dakota, no less — and our own beloved (and I like him, honest, and let me be clear about one thing: I would never say of him that he’s going around in high gear, never) Jonald CS Donson.
    • In the grocery store, Shopsin found a kind of frenetic peace in cultivating and deepening his relationship with his customers (one of whom, Eve, he married).
    • I feared the kind of frenetic FX overkill that wrecked director Barry Sonnenfeld's post - "MIB" fiasco "Wild Wild West."
    • Throughout the evening and night, press swarmed all over the crowd catching every moment that showed some kind of frenetic energy.