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What is the meaning of frenzied in Hindi?

Meaning of frenzied in Hindi is : बेकाबू और उतेज़ित

Definition of word frenzied

  • In a state of hurry, panic or wild activity. (adjective)

Examples of word frenzied

  • At times you need to follow prompts on the screen in frenzied action, other times you need to press or move buttons and joysticks slowly on-screen or risk failing at an attempt.
  • So any criticism of Mel's increasingly desperate attacks is frenzied is it that does seem rather overheated, it seems to me that if the word frenzied Is to be banded about would be better put use describing some of the more ridiculous attacks on Obama from the blogs like this one & those that comment on them.
  • He has started 29 postseason games, and Saturday night in frenzied Yankee Stadium he gets a chance to be their hero again by keeping his team alive in the World Series against the Florida Marlins in Game 6.
  • Lewis, for instance, spent years in frenzied witch-smellings after ‘Bolshevism’, which he was able to detect in very unlikely places.
  • There’s a familiar body of theory that holds porn is valued and consumed precisely because of its unreality — hence, absurdly proportioned women engaging in frenzied, decontextualized copulation with strangers, in scenarios that run the gamut from merely demeaning and objectifying to full-blown grand guignol.
  • CBS's new midseason series " Mad Love" has high spirits to spare—the sort, admittedly, bordering on the frenzied, which is the only kind that writers of young-couples TV comedies know.
  • Remarkably, Mr. Veronesi sustains the opening scene's excitement as he stirs a psychological ferment from almost no action—a condition that Pietro calls "frenzied stasis."
  • Recalling the frenzied press outside, he had his answer.
  • He recalled the frenzied repair work, the relief when the second start had been made-and the final debacle when the caterpillar track had jammed.