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What is the meaning of frequent in Hindi?

Meaning of frequent in Hindi is : बारबार होनेवाला

Definition of word frequent

  • Done or occurring often; common. (adjective)
  • To visit often. (verb)

Examples of word frequent

    • "We had the promise of stable retirement," Silva said, after a career spent in what he described as frequent contact with human blood, puke and poop.
    • Although Mr. Kushchenko says he will have neither a financial stake nor a formal role in the Nets 'organization, he speaks with a proprietary air about his colleague's venture and what he calls their frequent "joint reflections" on it.
    • GERARD KAISER, JACKSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: Because of their status, they often do not keep the follow-up appointments, and if there are then problems in the follow-up or particularly need to continue medication, if that's not done, then they return to the hospital and become what we call frequent flyers to the emergency room.
    • And there's a Japanese company, Triumph International, that's launching what it calls a frequent flier bra, guaranteed not to set off the metal detectors because, you see, there are no wires.
    • JOHANNESBURG, Feb 9, Reuter - A top South African industrialist expressed concern at what he called frequent, confusing and often contradictory statements made by various African National Congress


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