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What is the meaning of fretter in Hindi?

Meaning of fretter in Hindi is :

Definition of word fretter

  • Someone who frets. (noun)

Examples of word fretter

  • Bon d'un autre coté il maitrise super bien les Hammer-on et Pull-off donc il peut se permettre de "fretter" a deux mains!!
  • Someone has said that a wasp is a comfortable house-mate in comparison; it only stings when disturbed, but a habitual, discontented fretter stings with or without provocation.
  • But even by American Jewish standards, Sendak is a world-class fretter.
  • I, a born fretter, was thinking: Have I really done enough to prepare him for the world?
  • That's when a fellow fretter pointed me to FastWeb, the most popular Internet scholarship site, self-described as "the best way to get free money for school."


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