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What is the meaning of frightful in Hindi?

Meaning of frightful in Hindi is : भयानक

Definition of word frightful

  • : Full of fright; affrighted; frightened. (adjective)
  • Full of that which causes fright; exciting alarm; impressing terror; shocking; as, a frightful chasm, or tempest; a frightful appearance. (adjective)
  • Used as an intensifier (adjective)

Examples of word frightful

  • Costumed Tastoanes in frightful masks battle Saint James in a ritual dance each year on July 25th.
  • His eyes were bright and glassy, and their expression frightful to look upon.
  • Some are suspended to the vaulted roof by chains, and in frightful-looking positions; others are on the perpendicular walls.
  • Had a revolutionary change not taken place in our country, our situation now and in the years ahead would have been terrible, and we can understand perfectly that the situation in the years ahead will be terrible in countries which still find themselves in the situation Cuba was in, and even worse: millions of illiterates, a lack of technicians, a shortage of schools, a scarcity of educational and health facilities -- in short, frightful conditions that are well known to Cubans who were familiar with our own past here in all its aspects.
  • We've seen some pretty middling horrible things already, and if these two men of ours call the frightful things we have seen normal, and are planning on deliberately hunting up things that even they will consider monstrous, you and I most certainly shall stay at home! "


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