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What is the meaning of frivolity in Hindi?

Meaning of frivolity in Hindi is : तुच्छता

Definition of word frivolity

  • frivolous act (noun)
  • state of being frivolous (noun)

Examples of word frivolity

    • CherriesCherries bring with them a certain frivolity, a carefree joy like hearing the far-off laughter of a child at play.
    • If women did not waste life in frivolity, men would not waste it in murder.
    • It profitably occupies that time which, if wasted in frivolity and indulgence, leads to the worst consequences; and in teaching others, a double blessing often descends upon the teacher.
    • (The apotheosis of serious newspaper doing frivolity is the FT’s ‘How To Spend It’, of course.)
    • I protest to the fact that anyone who has a problem with so much money gone to frivolity is deemed a terrorist by an arrogant politician who has no clue what it’s like tobe underprivileged.