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What is the meaning of from in Hindi?

Meaning of from in Hindi is : से

Definition of word from

  • With the source or provenance of or at. (preposition)
  • With the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at. (preposition)
  • With the separation, exclusion or differentiation of. (preposition)

Examples of word from

  • I think an important fact is missing from all this discussion: who, exactly, did Human Rights Watch raise money *from* in Saudi Arabia?
  • The other works of Ammonius which survive are all derived, directly or indirectly, from his lectures, taken down by his students and hence mostly described as being ˜from the voice (apo tês phônês, or: the lectures [skholôn]) of Ammonius '.
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  • The problem with the terminology you use is that it relates to “laws” that only pertain to this universe; from the perspective of this Universe there was, indeed, “nothing” as you use the term before it, but that does not preclude that the universe arose * from* nothing, just nothing that relates to * this* universe.
  • It was here I met my old friend Zanjirwale Bawa from Indore, he had 50 kg bracelets on his legs and had walked up the mountains a distance of 7 km..from the foothills of Malangad and 16 km from KalyanStation to the foothills.


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