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What is the meaning of from in Hindi?

Meaning of from in Hindi is : से

Definition of word from

  • With the source or provenance of or at. (preposition)
  • With the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at. (preposition)
  • With the separation, exclusion or differentiation of. (preposition)

Examples of word from

  • I think an important fact is missing from all this discussion: who, exactly, did Human Rights Watch raise money *from* in Saudi Arabia?
  • The other works of Ammonius which survive are all derived, directly or indirectly, from his lectures, taken down by his students and hence mostly described as being Ëœfrom the voice (apo tês phônês, or: the lectures [skholôn]) of Ammonius '.
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  • The problem with the terminology you use is that it relates to “laws” that only pertain to this universe; from the perspective of this Universe there was, indeed, “nothing” as you use the term before it, but that does not preclude that the universe arose * from* nothing, just nothing that relates to * this* universe.
  • It was here I met my old friend Zanjirwale Bawa from Indore, he had 50 kg bracelets on his legs and had walked up the mountains a distance of 7 km..from the foothills of Malangad and 16 km from KalyanStation to the foothills.


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