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What is the meaning of fru in Hindi?

Meaning of fru in Hindi is :

Definition of word fru

Examples of word fru

  • Simply text "fru" and the product barcode to a special number and get the results back by text.
  • On the other side, New Yorkers reserve special scorn for 646, calling it "fru-fru" and a "212 wannabe."
  • Not the fru fru academics with little or no real-world experience, but the smart, business owners who make America work.
  • Teh shoz ar awn Fridegg adn Caturday nytes at 8:30, starting dis Fridegg Joon 4 fru cloasing nyte Joon 26.
  • Is beri pritty… teh bloo iyez cum fru eben awn tynee abatar!


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