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What is the meaning of fruition in Hindi?

Meaning of fruition in Hindi is : सुस्वाद

Definition of word fruition

  • The fulfillment of something worked for. (noun)
  • The enjoyment derived from a possession. (noun)
  • The condition of bearing fruit. (noun)

Examples of word fruition

  • The only way you'll ever see long term projects such as the VSE or SBSP come to fruition is to hand NASA lock stock and barrel to the Congress.
  • Cool stuff indeed, but the probability that any of it comes to fruition is worth analyzing after the jump.
  • His only hope of coming to true fruition is to get to America, where there is insurmountable opportunity.
  • I have a simple business model that, though unlikely to come to fruition, is simply too good to be overlooked.
  • What about encouraging students to become politically aware and involved, to set personal and academic goals and to take responsibility for doing what they can to bring those goals to fruition is socialist????


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