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What is the meaning of frumpy in Hindi?

Meaning of frumpy in Hindi is :

Definition of word frumpy

  • Dowdy, unkempt, or unfashionable. (adjective)

Examples of word frumpy

  • Who would you rather have, Obama in frumpy jeans or Palin in a $10,000 outfit?
  • But then the word frumpy crept into her mind and, even though she could strip and look at her flat stomach and thin legs and pretty face, once she thought frump, that killed it.
  • "Well," stoutly insisted Forbes, "I'll take my chance with the well-dressed ones always; I don't believe the frumpy are the most sensible."
  • The photo on the wrapper was my first clue that I might be heading into what some might call frumpy-hausfrau territory.
  • I have found a few simple patterns that I really like, though I think they look a little "frumpy" when put together.
  • I thought one of the points of the show was they were kind of frumpy-ish single women. brian
  • President Obama, that's okay, you can be "frumpy" .... we voted for your intellect, ideas and promise of change not because you can throw a baseball or not.
  • It was a pair of long, gray - "frumpy" as she described it - slacks.